Research emphases in Crop and Soil Sciences include 4-H and Youth development; Air Quality, Water Quality and Buffers; Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture; Commodity Production and Management; Forage and Grassland Management; Geographic Information Sciences;Integrated Pest Management;  Molecular Environmental Soil Science; Nutrient Management, Plant Breeding, Genetics and Molecular Biology; Plant Physiology and Biochemistry; Precision Agriculture; Septic Systems and Soil Properties; Soil Ecology, Soil Physical Properties, Hydrology, and Erosion;  Turfgrass Science; Waste Management; Weed Science; and Wetland Soils.

Research programs are augmented by well-equipped labs, greenhouses, access to the NCSU Phytotron for controlled environmental work, and an excellent field station system with a variety of environments and soils ranging from the mountains, to the Piedmont, and to the coastal plains and blacklands of Eastern NC.

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