Michael Wagger

Dr Michael Wagger Professor Soil Management

Dr Michael Wagger
Professor Soil Management

Professor Soil Management

2234 Williams Hall
Campus Box 7620
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7620

Office Phone: 919.513.1041
Email: michael_wagger@ncsu.edu


Specialty: Soil Management

The overall research focus concerns the long-term consequences of tillage practices and cropping systems on soil chemical, physical, and biological properties and their relationship to crop growth and development. Research efforts have emphasized a multi-disciplinary approach in order to assess some of the inherent soil-plant-water relationships associated with these systems.

Current research areas include nutrient cycling in cover crop based production systems; soil quality indices as influenced by tillage/cropping system; and nutrient dynamics in organic production.



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Research – Refereed Journals

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