Minors in Crop and Soil Sciences

We offer four different minors; Crop Science, Soil Science, Turfgrass Science and Agroecology. Each offers students opportunities to specialize in areas of personal interest.

Crop Science Minor
This minor is a great selection for students majoring in Ag Business Management, Ag & Extension Education, Agricultural Sciences, and Environmental Sciences. The required and elected courses provide a strong background in Crop Science to the variety of disciplines which interact in some way with field crop production. Classes are designed to clarify the role crop species and rotational sequences play in agricultural enterprises both in the United States and globally to increase our quality of life and identify strategies either in use or being researched to increase the compatibility of crop species with their environment to achieve yield stability, suitable quality of product, and sustainability of the production enterprise. The minor is open to all baccalaureate students except those majoring in Plant & Soil Sciences.
For more information contact: Joan I. Huertas

Soil Science Minor
The minor in Soil Science is offered to students desiring a strong knowledge of the principles of Soil Science to complement their major. It is intended to strengthen the understanding of basic physical, chemical, and microbiological soil properties that would be relevant to a student’s particular land management interest. These interests may include (but are not limited to) Forestry, Geology, Natural Resources, Environmental Science, Plant and Soil Sciences, Landscape Architecture, Horticulture, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Business Management, or Agricultural Education. Four (4) hours of required courses and thirteen (13) hours of restricted electives are necessary to complete the minor.
For more information contact: Dr David Crouse

Turfgrass Science Minor
Turfgrass Science is a great minor for students in Horticultural Science, Parks & Recreation, and Ag Business Management. Students enrolled in this program learn to identify and select commonly used turfgrasses for their most appropriate use in various environments including: golf courses, athletic fields, home lawns, sod production, and highway roadsides. They also design management programs which optimize the performance of turfgrass species for a particular use while minimizing potential adverse environmental impacts and apply knowledge of turfgrass systems to solve practical establishment and maintenance challenges in their career activities. The minor is open to all baccalaureate students except those majoring in Turfgrass Science.
For more information contact Dr. Rich Cooper.

Agroecology Minor
Agroecology is the science behind sustainable agriculture linking social, environmental, and economic perspectives in agriculture. Students completing this program gain an understanding of sustainable agricultural systems from local and global farming examples; obtain new skills in analyzing agricultural systems from a multi-disciplinary and integrated approach to develop creative and sustainable solutions for food systems and enhance their ability to obtain new and diverse sustainable careers in food and agricultural systems. The Agroecology minor is open to all baccalaureate students. It is designed for students majoring in Biological Sciences, Plant & Soil Sciences, Horticultural Science and Animal Science, but will be of interest to a wide array of students as agriculture has broad implications in the life sciences, economics, and sociology.
The Agroecology Program at N.C. State
For more information contact Dr. Michelle Schroeder-Moreno.