Associate Degrees

Associate of Applied Science Field Crop Technology

The world’s population is growing and our farmland is shrinking. So how are we going to feed and clothe everyone? How are we going to provide enough grain for food, fuel and feed? North Carolina and the world needs professionals trained in the production and management of food, feed, fiber and fuel crops and that is just what the Field Crops Technology program does. The Field Crops Technology curriculum provides a basic understanding of how field crops grow, how yield in influenced by management decisions, how proper soil management enhances farm profits, and how farm profits are tied to marketing decisions. We provide a curriculum that gives students an understanding of how they can reduce farm inputs and at the same time maximize crop yields while protecting the environment and natural resources around them. The strength of our program lies in our teachers. Commodity and production courses are taught by Crop Science Extension Specialists. These faculty members are the same ones who conduct applied research and on-farm tests and provide production information across the state. This gives students a chance to learn the most recent recommendations directly from the experts.

Associate of Applied Science Turfgrass Management

Students who have an appreciation for working out-of-doors or for the challenge of creating and maintaining beautiful surroundings may be interested in a career in Turfgrass Management. Turfgrass managers establish and maintain grasses for functional (erosion control), recreational and ornamental purposes. They manage people and budgets and use their knowledge of plants and soils to produce high-quality, visually appealing turfgrass areas. There are ample employment opportunities for well-trained managers in this industry.

More information can be found at the Agricultural Institute